Evidence, Please began as a blog – now it is also a segment on Australia’s podcast for science and reason, The Skeptic Zone!

Head on over to The Skeptic Zone’s website to have a listen, or keep up to date via The Skeptic Zone Podcast Facebook Page.

I was thrilled to have been invited as a guest panelist on a live Skeptically Challenged episode at Brisbane Skepticamp 2014, where I had a lot of fun – here’s the video!

The excellent folk at Science on Top have invited me to be a guest panelist on their show, I’ve appeared on Episode 159, Everything’s a Chemical and Episode 163, discussing the 2014 Ig Nobel Prizes.

At the Australian Skeptics National Convention 2014 in Sydney, I had the pleasure of finally meeting a Twitter friend, Adam Reakes! He, Michael Marshall from Merseyside Skeptics and I sat down to record a piece for Adam’s podcast Herd Mentality; we’re on episode 78!

Popular Australian parenting website KidSpot interviewed me for their podcast, Perfect Chaos, on the episode, “Is mother’s intuition real or imagined?“.


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