10303867_10152506593468573_6102466337380967680_nHello, I’m Jo Alabaster!

Evidence, Please is a repository for my records and reflections as I broaden my field of knowledge, refine my communication skills and increase my scientific literacy.

My aims are to develop a polite and firm voice with which to challenge pseudoscientific claims and misinformation, to counter inaccurate memes with well sourced information presented in an accessible manner, to encourage critical thought and to occasionally get my ranty pants on when the mood strikes me.

I am an aspiring science communicator and am slowly chipping away at a BSc (Applied Sciences) via Open Universities Australia, with a view to moving on to philosophy of science, psychology and professional writing once I’ve established a solid enough background in science to feel confident in my analysis and ability to comment.

In addition to writing here, my writing has been published in The Skeptic Magazine and I have a regular segment on The Skeptic Zone Podcast, also titled Evidence, Please.

I also parent two darling preschoolers, am custodian to two cats and a dog (Bosco, Sputnik and Poppy), spend far too much time on social media and collect maneki neko.

I don’t do ad hominem; respectful discourse is always welcome.

Jo Alabaster
Email: jo (at) evidenceplease.net
Twitter: @joalabaster
acebook: Evidence Please


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