A Milestone, Thanks and Reason’s Greetings

Just over four months ago now, with a desire to add my voice to those who were publically challenging the AVN (and several other subjects which trouble me as a skeptic also), I started up this blog. It has been an incredibly rewarding endeavour for me so far; I consider it a great privilege to communicate with so many people and I am thankful that I am able to share information that I consider to be important.

Today, which happens to be Christmas Eve here, Evidence, Please is about to reach what to me is a significant milestone; the site counter is about to tick over to mark 5000 views.

To celebrate and say thank you to all who have viewed, shared and discussed the posts that I have made here, I have purchased some gifts through Unicef200 Polio Vaccines, 100 Measles Vaccines and Four Vaccine Carriers, which are used to transport vaccines to children in remote areas.


If you’re interested giving a similar gift at some point, Unicef’s range of disease prevention gifts begin at $14AUD for 50 Measles vaccines.

I would like to give special thanks to those of you who have given me feedback and encouragement on Twitter and on Facebook; to the admins of Stop the Australian (Anti)Vaccination Network for sharing some of the pieces I’ve written about the Australian Vaccination Network (and for their tireless work toward the group’s goal) and to F, for making me countless cups of coffee, putting up with me being frequently distracted, listening to me read out rough drafts and giving me his opinion, and giving me the space to write while parenting two small people and completing my B Sc.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season and all the very best for 2013.



Reason’s Greetings from the FSM tree topper!


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